Friday, June 26, 2009

09 June 26 - King of Rock Michael Jackson dead at 50

I was at work when I heard of the news, thanks to a few who quickly gave me a call and told me to listen to the broadcast.

I'm not a big fan of Michael Jackson, but my Mom and Brother are, and I remember when they used to listen to Michael's songs.

That was before...

Oh and not forgetting, during my school days, we had used Michael's Song for one of our Stage Play performance.. Those were the time.

I'm one of those in the billions who were expecting him to be back on Stage....

It's a mixed feeling, how I wish he could have performed his Concert in London.. Just one last time..
All news channels had been telling how Jackson leads his life, to mourn and give him the greatest honor, I'll do the same for the King of Rock..

When I was little, I tend to wonder how come he's as fair as a princess even though his sisters (referring to Janet Jackson) are tan.

It was said that he performed amazingly during his teen years.. (I was probably too young to realize my love for music during those days haha.)

Of course, although I wasnt a hardcore fan of Michael, having an entire childhood with his musics being aired in the radio and all that really got into me.

By the the time I started listening to various of musics, Jackson had already retired from the stage. Which... I guess, it was unfortunate for me.

Since I've never actually been attracted to his music, I'm really looking forward to his performance in London... His first Concert in, 16 years (wasnt it?)

Yes.. I really do is expecting it...

I cant express how disappointed I am over the loss of our King of Rock... and to the billions who are looking forward to his return..

For those who are interested for further information, you might just read the news at MSN News Singer Michael Jackson dead at 50 and Yahoo! News Jackson lived like a king but died awash in debt.

I hope the best will happen for us all.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

09 June 18 - Green Life Lab and Creepy Road


Last Sunday, there was a talent search contest in Lee Garden, Hat Yai.
No pictures taken, I forgot my camera.

Anyways, it was crowded there. I did participate but arr, too bad for me haha.


Have been busy with work for almost the entire month, now that the customers are back to their own countries, it's much easier to keep up with my project.

Various of out-of-city trips were organized to visit our lab in Pattalung.
It was only a few hours drive, but the repeated visit made it a trouble sometime.

There's various of herbs nearby around the lab, but...
We've always raised the question of "Why are there even a lab built far from the main road?"

The path are narrow, and you have to cross through the swallow river by stepping on the small wood. Uhh, I pity our researchers who were on high heels and their short skirts.

None were complaining though, we have help from the officials taking care of the lab and they're providing us with the help we need.

The Lab itself is very high teched, and it's clean, but seriously... We hate to stay in there until night.

Just imagine walking through these kind of environment at night...
Creepy creepy hungry....

PS: Thai Stock fell regardless of the 400,000 million baht fund help from the government, 4 consecutive drops, wiping almost (-60) from the 630.

SET is today 570.43 -15.71 according to

More work to do...

Saturday, June 13, 2009

09 June 13 - Herbs For Life

Didnt realize it's been 10 days since I last blogged..
Work just keeps coming in non-stop, studies, and all the readings arr..

A friend just said that I look rather pale now.. I desperately need more sleep.

Regardless, my Digital Camera's filled with hundreads of pictures.. I should find sometime to pick quality pictures for blogging.

Anyways, we just recently heads for another herbal trip at a nearby Herbal Temple.

Here's just a few pics that I took, the temple themselves focuses on natural recovery instead of chemicals.


ดอกอะไรสึกอย่าง ยังจำไม่ได้เลรอ่า

Oh and last but not least, I was able to get a good shot of the Boss's bird.

He's small but our friend here is worth 20k alright? At least, there's been a few Malaysian willing to pay that much for it..


Should be updating myself sooner but oh well, enjoy! :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

09 June 03 - Party @ Daidomon

Erm.. Within the last month, I've been eating mangoes for almost everyday.
Mostly, it's due to the mango season though, where else can you find a 15 baht per kilogram of mangoes if it's not for Thailand?

At least I'm glad I'm living in Thailand.
I heard that a piece of watermelon is more than a thousand yen in Itabashi there, heh, poor Kact.

Anyways, about a month ago, the society was invited for a small celebration.

A little bit of arcading as well though..
I'd love to try it again once I fully passed my driving license heh.

Actually had an appointment with P Da in the PSU on that day, but since it's buffet, I cant leave for it'll indirectly disrespecting the payer..

Wasnt anything serious, so I guess nothing's wrong.

Cheer guys~