Thursday, April 30, 2009

09 April 30 - Midnight Songkran Party 09

Look at the crowd and spectators in the area! Malaysian, Singaporean, Indonesian and the Thais had blended into a single race, they dont communicate by language, instead, they communicate using their Water Guns.

It's hard to even step out of the Hotel properly, the place was just too crowded!

Around 10pm, we continued the water war into the Center of the stage, just in front of the Lee Garden and the Novotel.

The Hat Yai Municipal had arranged for unlimited water supply and various of 'war' zones for the festivals.

By the time we reached the area, everyone was wet, and I was partially 'wet', thanks to the consideration of the people there. They were shooting at my back instead of the front to avoid damaging my camera.

We moved out of the Lee Garden area to the Sai Soong area under my recommendation. It's normal for the Songkran Festival to have a Boxing matches every now and then, and we had hoped for this opportunity too.

The main stage lies further, where the old, and the little kids are playing, as well as where most of the reporters are. This area werent a 'war' zone, but there's occassional 'water gun shots' here too.

Regardless, when it was around 11.30pm, the center of attention was moved to the area in front of Lee Garden.

The area had turned into one big pub, filled with drunk parties, clubs and societies are here, the DJ himself seems to shake his head violently, and so are the people here. Didnt take long before we, started getting the rythim and prepared to dance with them.

Just as I was about to take another shot, someone 'splashed' my entire face with some water.

And tha t is when I start realizing the danger and threat there is for my IXUS. Anyways, a little partying is alright isnt it? Maybe I can say that was the biggest clubbing 'club' I've ever been. Haha, the music was loud and the screams of joy can be heard everywhere.

The downside is... I had a pretty bad headache on the next day, and I've to go to work as ever.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

09 April 28 - Songkran Water Festival 2009

After a long day of hard work, finally...
Work's over.. Ignoring all the mess and tiredness...

5 of my friends came from Malaysia on the 11th, and we promised to have a full party tonight.

Obviously, it would be inappropriate to join the party wearing my work clothes, the easy solution was to, of course, to bring the entire shower set and clothes to Siew Lynn's room and take a shower there.

If you're wondering, it's something like this~

A different design though, so no sweat.

So yeah, back to the Water War Festival.
The entire Lee Garden area's a huge combat field, I had to leave my bag, cellphone and all electrical stuff (other than my IXUS) in the hotel.

Can you imagine what kind of mess are there?
Everywhere, every random people will shoot their water guns at you regardless of who you are.

(Brr, dont forget the water's cold too)

Not forgetting the traditional way of Thanking the Mother of Water who are providing us with sufficient water supply everyday. Though I have no picture of the Statue due to the danger present on my camera.

We did get the chance to pray before midnight..

Stay tuned at the Hat Yai party in the Songkran '09 Festival - Midnight Party!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

09 April 25 - Songkran Water Festival '09


Chrysler’s Peapod: 2 cents per mile plus a smile

A green car that made the Earth smile, and no more petrol problem. Though it's slow, reasonable enough.


Due to the unstable politic, I noticed that all I blogged was about the mob and what the government did.

We skip that, and flashes back to the 12th, during the Thailand Songkran Festival, or also known as the Thailand Water Festival.

So to say, Hat Yai was so full of these Indonesia, Malaysian and Singaporean tourists. As an example, here's condition of the area where I work at during a normal season.

Normal Situation:

A few cars but with a steady flow all the time.

To compare with, this is how the traffic is during the Songkran Festival.

Wasnt too bad by the time I took this, but trust me, it's much more crowded.

So what have I been doing for the whole daytime?
I guess it's similar to what I've been doing last year.

It absolutely wasnt the best experience spending my time in the pharmacy while everyone else are happily engaging in the "Water War." There were lots of customers, and we almost had no time for anything, even lunch.

Be sure to wait for the night life though, that's where the fun is.

What's better than meeting up with old friends while celebrating one of their birthday here?

Check back later!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

09 April 21 - Sonthi Limthongkun was Shot

It was a habit for me to watch the news while having my breakfast, and I was surprised when I heard of this while I was having my breakfast..

"Yellow shirts' leader Sondhi Limthongkul shot" <--- Source of News


Sondhi Limthongkul is in serious condition

BANGKOK: -- Sondhi Limthongkul is in serious condition after being shot as a bullet hit his left skull. The bullet is still in his skull, causing bleeding inside his brain, Vajira Hospital Director Dr Chaiwun Charoenchoktavee said Friday.

Doctors are conducting an urgent operation on Sondhi and the operation is expected to finish around noon.

Sondhi, a core leader of yellow shirts, known also as People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD), who seized Bankok airports late last year, has no wounds on his body.

His driver, Vayupak Mussi, was also seriously wounded from the attack. Doctors said later that he survived and was now in stable condition.

Meanwhile PAD's spokesman Parnthep Pualpongpan said at least two attackers riding on a pickup blocked Sondhi's vehicle who was on Samsen Road, heading to Manager newspaper office in Banglampoo area early Friday morning.

The attackers then shot four tyres of Sondhi's vehicle before stepping out of their car and sprayed more bullets on the car. The attack lasted about five minutes and the attackers went back to their pickup which sped away along Tevet Road.

Police who rushed to the scene found Sondhi's car riddled with bullets and they could collect more than cartridges of AK-16 and rifles from the scene.

Parnthep said Sondhi was informed of reports that he could possible a target of attack, but he simply ignored the warnings.

Meanwhile Chamnong Paokorn, 53, a bus driver, said that he was driving his bus past Iamworanut Temple when he saw a blue pickup truck which had no license plate blocked Sondhi's vehicle.

Then two men on the back of the pickup then opened fires on the vehicle. Then another vehicle sped to the scene and exchanged fires with the attackers who later escaped the scene.


This is what happened to the car.

As you can see..

He was lucky, but there was a few questions of why, and how did he survived..
If the gunman had those 3 heavy arms, the gunman should have at least a grenade for a sure kill..

Whether the gunman is a militant or not, Sonthi appears to be safe.
Wish him the best please.

PS: He was wearing a Jatukhraam Ramathaeed Run Thi 31 if I was right.

We'll see the price skyrocketting soon.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

09 April 19 - Download Resident Evil 5/Biohazard 5 Original Soundtrack


7.35pm - I can access to Rejoyed, I blogged.
9.15pm - I was hitting the "post" button and received errors.. Access is blocked again.

I hate using proxys..


and Jawaran wasnt the only one who requested me to upload the Resident Evil 5's Official Soundtrack.

One word, I'm too lazy to upload it considering how slow my internet speed is.

I once posted about Niang's heavenic voice which seduced your soul to freedom and it was really something that calms your soul after a long battle against Wesker (Considering Phloy and me was clueless at what to do to him.)

09 Mar 17 - Resident Evil 5 Theme Song (Pray) Oulimata Niang

So yeah, yesterday Dev actually get MSNed me telling, "Forget I ever asked you to upload them for me. I found another site which have it all."
Erm the request came about a month ago, so I understand why he was fed up. (Sorry)

So here's the details.

Page of Origin: Resident Evil 5 Original Soundtrack <--- Click me!
Resident Evil 5 Original Soundtrack
Released 13/03/2009
3 Discs
86 Tracks Total!!
Size: 280 MB
Format: .Mp3

Track List:
01 - Title Movie
02 - Chris's Arrival
03 - Item Box
04 - New Fear
05 - Magic Act
06 - The Butcher
07 - The Town
08 - First Encounter
09 - Majini I
10 - Hospitality
11 - Majini II
12 - Game Over
13 - Damsel in Distress
14 - Majini III
15 - A Piece of the Puzzle
16 - Unidentified Threat
17 - An Emergency (Digital Version)**
18 - The Storage Facility
19 - Result
20 - The Ripper
21 - Executioner
22 - The Crisis ~Reinforcements Arrive~
23 - Voice of Darkness
24 - Terror From Above
25 - Flying Nightmare
26 - Pursuer and the Pursued
27 - Shaking off the Majini
28 - Grand Resurgence
29 - Burning with Anger
30 - Delta Team's Distress
31 - Shadows of the Past
32 - Eerie Stilness
33 - Majini IV

01 - Majini V
02 - Unite But
03 - Too Late
04 - Get Out!
05 - Majini's Trap I
06 - The Patrol Boat
07 - Evil Mutation
08 - A New Clue
09 - Ancient Noise
10 - Majini VI
11 - Majini's Trap II
12 - Excella and Wesker
13 - Underground Garden
14 - The Claw
15 - Huger Facility ~And Then
16 - Gigantic Attack
17 - The Enigma
18 - Majini VII
19 - Haze of Horror
20 - Uroboros
21 - The Mask
22 - Two on Two**
23 - Old Friends, New Enemies
24 - Sad But True**
25 - Trust
26 - The Tanker

01 - Majini VIII
02 - Shot or Death
03 - A New Nightmare Begins
04 - Fragment of Fears
05 - The Sign
06 - A Big Despair
07 - Message
08 - Majini IX -In Flames-**
09 - Rematch
10 - Wind of Madness - Digital Version**
11 - The Vulnerbility
12 - Sky-High Skirmish
13 - The Final Curtain
14 - Deep Ambition - Digital Version**
15 - Striker
16 - Homeward Bound
17 - Pray -Theme Song- Original Version**
18 - Plan of Uroboros
19 - Menu
20 - Viewer
21 - Colors
22 - Assault Fire
23 - Dreamy Loops
24 - On the Bass
25 - Rust in Summer 2008
26 - Killers
27 - Do You Challenge Again

>>>> Download Now <<<<
>>>> Order Online via NeoWing Co., LTD. <<<<
(Favourite Songs are marked with **)

Please note that these musics and OST doesnt come without any effort. Please help the people who participated in making these musics by ordering them online if you like them!

Credit goes to oXStarKillerXo for spending his time to upload it!

PS: No commission received from NeoWing Co., LTD. from this post. I did not download this link but I found it available for download, if you're having problem with the download, please first post in the comment box before emailing StarKiller or me.
As for the music quality, I am sure nothing is wrong with it, but if there's any trouble, I can upload a song or two from my own original CD.

Thanks to StarKiller, and you for reading.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

09 April 17 - Red Shirt Summary

Ever since the 12th, there were huge political changes in Thailand.
I was too busy with Songkran, both work and personal celebration.

I'll summarize what happened in Thailand, as well as revealing the 'undisclosed' pictures that was never been aired in Thailand.

12 April
Breaking News: State of emergency declared; ASEAN Summit collapses

Breaking News: State of emergency declared for Bangkok

Breaking News: Tanks, troops mobilsed in Bangkok

These happened in the morning when the military mobilized their tanks, I dont understand what's with the soldiers celebrating together with the protesters.

These pictures below happened on the evening, when the military launches a full scale dispersion.
Government claims that there werent any death, and they're doing it as 'gentle' as they can.


BANGKOK — Thousands of troops fired warning shots and tear gas to turn back rampaging anti-government protesters Monday night, forcing retreating demonstrators into one neighborhood where a clash with residents left two people dead.

Details at: The Huffington Post


13 April
Chaos reigns in Bangkok; At least 77 injured

Central Bangkok a war zone - Festive holiday is turned into a black nightmare
Abhisit says Govt nearly achieves goal to restore order
US condemns Thai violence by pro-Thaksin protests

No real bullets, according to the govenrment, but we see the hole in the taxi, it's obvious something is amiss.

Please keep in mind that all of the 8 pictures are "NOT" aired in Thailand TVs, as the government were on a total control of it.

They broadcasted only the damage the reds did, but not the damage the military did, to discredit the reds. (2 friends of mind were in the mob.)

Another breaking news after the violent dispersion was

14 April
Breaking News: Thailand revokes Thaksin's passport; issues arrest warrant

Videos: Thaksin Interviews On CNN and BBC

This is what happened yesterday, Aphisit was trying to get Thaksin back at all cost.

15 April
Breaking News: Thailand revokes Thaksin's passport; issues arrest warrant

So to say, I guess this conclude my summary on the incident.

Cheers, and hope the best for Thailand.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

09 Apr 11 - ASEAN Summit Cancelled

ASEAN Summit cancelled after protest! <-- News from EarthTimes.
Held in Royal Cliff Beach Resort.

Following the occupation of the main road a few days ago in Bangkok, Red Shirt leaders had announced for their men to relocate to Pattaya, and stop the Prime Minister Aphisit from holding the ASEAN Summit.

It doesnt take long before the policemen were unable to hold them back, considering, it was said that most of the policemen were unaesthetic at stopping the demonstrator.

I dont know how true it is, but the red shirt claimed to have been attacked by a 'bomb' and gunmen on their way to the Pattaya Hotel to stop the ASEAN Summit from happening.

This topic was used by the leaders to enraged their men and causes more rampage.

Within a few hours the whole Hotel was occupied with Red Shirts.

Just take a look at this, what a disgrace to the Kingdom!
Water Festival is on the next day after the Summit, and the timing was precise, once the ASEAN Summit is over, the leaders were able to take a look at the famous Songkran festival of Thailand.

But in the end..

Around 1.30pm, the Red Shirt penerated through the defenses of the guards and wroke havoc in the Hotel, and Aphisit was forced to cancel the ASEAN Summit.

News was that some of the Red Shirts were in search of the Leader's room, but were unable to find it.

The economy tumbled, now Pattaya is deserted, you've done well Thaksin Shinawatra.

Friday, April 10, 2009

09 April 10 - Little Queen's broken

Royal Cliff Beach ResortI feel guilty now, Red Queen's days were wasted.

I just want her to be open enough and tell me that she needs my help, but she keep saying that I'm the one who needs help. Whether she's putting a mask for her psychology project or not, but I cant help to doubt her words when I hardly knows her.

Hey I'm here to help her with her project isnt it?

She obviously took the effort to convince me that she's helping me before she screamed on the phone and hang up.

Sigh~ Now I feel guilty, she gotta start all over again with her project.

Trying to implant the thought of science comes from God, and calculation, absolute precise calculation and the like, isnt scientific at all. Plus it's impossible to trust her when she 'lied' to me during the 6 hours treatment.

1 Hour after the 'fight.'


A friend told me when I discussed this with me.

"A psychologist needs to convince patient that they need help! Most patients dont think they need any psychology aid, but it is neccessary almost all the time. You have acted just like those patients who failed to realize their psychology illness."

And I was like 'what..?' I thought I discussed with her outside of her 'treatment' schedule and I sinceresly needs to know whether she still needs my help to finish her project, I've heavy work coming for Songkran...

Now what? She closes her handphone already.

09 Apr 10 - She was raped, yet no one helps

They saw her being assaulted, and raped, but none were to put anymore effort to help. They just pressed the button to call the police, and the police arrived in 10 minutes..
She was raped twice, before the police arrived.

Duty first? Or to save someone from getting raped?
She cried rape — and no one helped (Woman attacked on subway platform as workers looked on) <-- In the news!

I understand how the Western Community works, but still, humanity first? or duty? or self prestige? You tell me.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

09 April 09 - Thaksin Supporter "Red Shirt" Protest

Last year, there was a very long demonstration by the anti-Thaksin mob, wearing "Yellow" as their symbol of loyalty to the King.

At 4pm, there was news from a close friend who is in Bangkok, telling me to watch the ThaiPBS.

There's also news of it from the internet.

Breaking News:
Bangkok traffic paralyzed as protesters blocks main roads
Abhisit sees no need for emergency decree at this moment

[] Bangkok traffic paralyzed as protesters blocks main roads <-- Click for details

I'm not in Bangkok at the moment, but I do remember the pain of the traffic jam there, now if the Red Shirt are closing the main roads... God knows, you'll be stuck there till the Red Shirt opens the road.

There's a few pictures of the Thaksin lover, all taken from various of source.

Whether it's Thaksin's loyalist.

And they arent few in numbers.

They sincerely loves him..


I'm an investor, and I opposes all kind of street politics.
This demonstration really is of no benefit to the country.
The country's image was gone ever since PAD closes the airport, and with the help of the Red Shirt, it wont be long before Thailand's GDP is down to 4% this year.

The Red Shirt is rumored to get a payment of 2000 per head, while the Red Shirt leader are receiving a 500m baht as a budget from our ex Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra.

I cant express how I feel when I see this, it's as if they have completely sealed Thailand's fate away in a black hole, and it'll never improve.

From these pictures alone, we know that the Red Shirt far outnumbered the PAD or "Yellow Shirt", would this mean that the Thai prefers Thaksin than the Democrats?

The news that were released at first was that, there were about 170,000 citizens mobbing Bangkok, another source had mentioned about 240,000 citizens.

Regardless, this is similar to what the PAD were doing when they were closing the airport.

The Government office tomorrow are officially closed, and this is announced only for the Bangkok citizens.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

09 April 08 - Need Help Defense Psychology

I'm disturbed..
An effort to help "Little Queen" in her psychology project.
"Little Queen" had influenced me.. and when I think I'm immune to this kind of thing.

I graduated bio and chemist, yet her logic (which she invented) penetrates through my logic.

15 days, 2 hours per day, eyes to eyes....
Need psychology defense help.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

09 April 05 - One More Soul To The Call

Another very nice song that I heard while my brother was playing the game, maybe I'll try it when I have the time, but for now, work really is taking all of my time.

I like most of McGlynn's song, and this one really blew it if you're onto some horror story.
Do listen to it and comment up!

Title: One More Soul To The Call
Artist: Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (also credited as Melissa Williamson)
From: Silent Hill : Homecoming

Lyrics from : Devilsknight from Silent Hill Heaven

Enought with lies. Tell me one more time ...
My blood, your lie. Is this you, inside ?

Death through the living reframed as no living heart
In the order of life, they know you there
As you *** your plan, of real shoot in the dark
Came a little to late, it's over

Darling... The children, upsetion and dying
Silence and screaming

Damage done to the flesh, what they said in the name of love
Damage done to the heart, is the start of the end
Damage done to my soul, I know, you ****
Damage down to my life, pressing out at a chaos

Your here, your gone. Its not fair, Im lost
Your god, your fear. Was it worth the price ?

Pray for the children you lost along the way
Still remember the days and faces
Cold and abandond they cried, their faith put in your hands
When it's over they come to haunt you

Wasted abussion, deadly illusion ...
The nightmare intrution

One more soul to the call, for all in silence (comes)
Two more souls to the call, for all and in time ...
Three more souls to the call, they fought a lonley night (???)
Four more souls to the call, won't be all and you know it

Sacrifice... Wasted lifes ... Destiny redefined
Everyone chooses you,
Lucky one close your eyes, your family knows your here

Darling, the children, upsetion and dying
Silence and screaming

Damage done to the flesh, what they said in the name of love
Damage done to the heart, is the start of the end
Damage done to my soul, I know, you ***
Damage down to my life, pressing out at a chaos

One more soul to the call, for all in silence (comes)
Two more souls to the call, for all and in time ...
Three more souls to the call, they fought a lonley night (???)
Four more souls to the call, won't be all and you know it

Friday, April 3, 2009

09 April 03 - How to watch videos on Nintendo DS


Considering that there are 2 laptops in the medical office.
A few people who was consulting for medical advise from me always wondered what the "mini-laptop" on my table is (Black DS really looks like an "ultra-mini-laptop" from non-DS views). And what's that sound coming out from it.
Most usually takes a peek and some would ask about it..

At another point of view, I'm surprised how many DS owners I know were oblivious that the DS can be used as a video player. So this post, is for all of us out there.


Even with the lazy beary bear are bearing the bearish bear market, we all deserve to take a break even while on work.

Even with a Nintendo DS, it's boring if the only thing you can do with it is playing the games in it. Sometimes, I'd just wanna do my work without wasting my cellphone's battery and I had found a better solution than buying for a PSP (Which can be costly).

I actually have a more important task for the laptop, talk about watching those green-red-yellow company codes in the screen showing a bid-offer sells all the time with a "beep-beep" sound. But since I'm no professional investor just yet, I usually have the laptop online for medical assistance, and patient records.

So yeah, for those who are wondering how to watch a video in the DS, you will first need to have a few things ready:

- A functionable Nintendo DS (with these active equipments)
---> R4 Revolution for DS
---> A Micro SD
---> The latest MoonShell Version (I'm on 1.71)

- The Video File
- A Video Converter to convert the file into a DPG File Format
---> SUPER © <--- Click on the Link to download the fconverter program

Once you had all the neccessary equipments and softwares, you just have to convert the video file into a DPG File Format. Once you're done, you can watch the video with your Nintendo DS by the Multimedia feature in the MoonShell.

In case you are wondering how the graphic would be like...

Click on the image for a full view

Click on the image for a full view

It's not too bad, considering that the PSP works differently than the DS.
So looking in a bigger picture.

Click on the image for a full view

Click on the image for a full view

It's just the sound rate.. Increasing it to a 400x rate really makes it sounds bad..
I'll post up a video of it.

(PS: I'm not promoting this for the Nintendo Co., LTD. nor am I receiving any money from any a 2nd (or 3rd) party. Please do not use these information to compare and decide between buying a PSP and a Nintendo DS.)