Saturday, February 28, 2009

09 Feb 28 - ยิงหน้าหอพัก

He killed his ex and the guard who was on duty.

Been almost 3 months, what are the police doing? Still no catch.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

09 Feb 26 - 20 Highest-Paying Careers

Taken from MSN Careers:
20 Highest-Paying Careers

Celebrity blogs and magazines are plastered with pictures of high-profile actors, athletes and business leaders, so you might think that these occupations are your only route to wealth.

If you want to make several million dollars for a few months' work, then, yes, you probably should star in a Hollywood blockbuster. But if you're looking for careers to lead you to financial success, remember to put everything into perspective.

You will rarely find a physician making as much money as George Clooney, but remember that he's one of only a few celebrity actors. The majority of actors aren't recognizable faces and they surely are not earning seven figures. The odds of being a famous athlete or CEO are just as slim.

If money's what you're after, then set your sights on more realistic goals by looking at the everyday occupations around you. The 20 highest-paying jobs in the U.S. are within your grasp. That's not to say they're easily attained -- they all require hard work and years of experience, and most of them require extensive education. Still, your odds of becoming a physicist are probably better than becoming quarterback for the New England Patriots.

Hopefully your name's at the top of the draft picks next season. Until then, look over this list of the 20 highest-paying jobs, according to, and their projected employment in 2016. The education and experience for each of these jobs vary.

Physicians provide health care to patients in private practices or clinics.
Mean annual salary: $147,405*
2006 employment (including surgeons): 633,000**
2016 projected employment (including surgeons): 723,000

Top corporate controllers supervise the financial and budget departments of corporations and create financial reports that assess the company's financial situation.
Mean annual salary: $115,818
2006 employment (all financial managers): 506,000
2016 projected employment (all financial managers): 570,000

Engineering managers oversee the engineers designing and producing products and machinery.
Mean annual salary: $100,038
2006 employment: 187,000
2016 projected employment: 201,000

Corporate attorneys work for corporations and do trial work and consultation, and handle all legal issues that impact the company.
Mean annual salary: $93,250
2006 employment (all attorneys): 761,000
2016 projected employment (all attorneys): 844,000

Physicists observe the laws of physics, develop new theories and apply their knowledge to the development of products and scientific processes.
Mean annual salary: $93,073
2006 employment: 17,000
2016 projected employment: 18,000

Systems and programming managers draw up plans for an organization's computer network and its security.
Mean annual salary: $90,138
2006 employment: n/a***
2016 projected employment: n/a

Pharmacists fill prescriptions for patients and administer medical advice in pharmacies.
Mean annual salary: $89,564
2006 employment: 243,000
2016 projected employment: 296,000

Marketing managers create the marketing plan for a company or organization, including how it will be publicized and who the target audience is.
Mean annual salary: $87,038
2006 employment: 167,000
2016 projected employment: 192,000

Financial analysis managers assess the state of financial investments and decide what course of action should be taken based on economic data and trends.
Mean annual salary: $86,739
2006 employment: 506,000
2016 projected employment: 570,000

Lead computer programmers oversee a group of programmers and delegate work as needed, often for a specific project.
Mean annual salary: $80,182
2006 employment (all programmers): 435,000
2016 projected employment (all programmers): 417,000

Lead systems analysts oversee a group of analysts who address computer problems for an organization and ensure that the computer system fulfills the demands of that organization.
Mean annual salary: $79,479
2006 employment (all analysts): 504,000
2016 projected employment (all analysts): 650,000

Personnel managers are involved in the creation, development and implementation of human resources policies and activities for an organization.
Mean annual salary: $77,984
2006 employment: n/a
2016 projected employment: n/a

Benefits managers ensure that employee benefits programs are administered properly within an organization.
Mean annual salary: $75,425
2006 employment: 49,000
2016 projected employment: 55,000

Electrical engineers are involved in the planning, development and creation of electrical equipment.
Mean annual salary: $75,094
2006 employment: 153,000
2016 projected employment: 163,000

Sales area managers are in charge of an organization's sales group, including who is assigned to what territory and what the sales strategy is.
Mean annual salary: $73,146
2006 employment: 318,000
2016 projected employment: 351,000

Chemical engineers use their knowledge of chemicals to handle any issues that arise during the production of chemicals or biochemicals or of products that use chemicals in a variety of industries.
Mean annual salary: $71,942
2006 employment: 30,000
2016 projected employment: 33,000

Purchasing managers often supervise purchasing agents in the purchase of a good, such as steel or lumber.
Mean annual salary: $69,980
2006 employment: 70,000
2016 projected employment: 72,000

Mechanical engineers are involved in the creation, production and use of mechanical equipment and machines that vary from everyday consumer goods to large-scale, commercial items.
Mean annual salary: $68,775
2006 employment: 226,000
2016 projected employment: 235,000

Civil engineers oversee the design and construction of public structures, such as roads, airports and bridges.
Mean annual salary: $61,681
2006 employment: 256,000
2016 projected employment: 302,000

Computer programmers create and troubleshoot the programs that computers use to perform tasks.
Mean annual salary: $60,682
2006 employment: 435,000
2016 projected employment: 417,000

*Salary figures based on data from

**Employment projections based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

***Employment data pertaining to this specific position was unavailable.

Anthony Balderrama is a writer and blogger for He researches and writes about job search strategy, career management, hiring trends and workplace issues.

Copyright 2009 All rights reserved. The information contained in this article may not be published, broadcast or otherwise distributed without prior written authority.


As you see, Medical Department and Business Department are 2 of the most common highest earning careers.
Dont just decide which you want to study by the money you'll earn, but rather by what you really like to do and work as for the rest of your life. :)


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

09 Feb 24 - Treatment of baldness and hair loss

There's a common question I always received from my guy friends who's losing their hairs.

One of them was a teenage at his early 20.
He noticed that he started losing more of his hairs as days passed, and after a week of observing the symptoms, he came to me, and that goes for a lot of people out there, whether men or women both have the same problem.

The most common hair loss problem is the alopecia androgenetica, which is the Male Pattern Baldness.

Be it from heredecy or not, you'll start losing your hair for an unknown reason.
As for the pattern of the hair loss, it'll usually go like this:

The event happened due to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) (Full name: 5α-Dihydrotestosterone, abbreviating to 5α-DHT. This DHT is the main cause for the Male Pattern Baldness.
Recovering from the Male Pattern Baldness is not entirely impossible, but requires a long-term treatment, and a very careful advise from your physician.

For a modern-based treatment, there are 2 common prescribed drugs with a difference treatment method:

Regaine (Minoxidil) - In short, Minoxidil stimulates the cells and promotes hair regrowth. If taken orally, it might promotes hair growth on every part of the body. Thus topical solution is often recommended.
Propecia (Finasteride) - Finasteride directly reduces DHT, which is the main cause of Male Pattern Baldness.

It's generally up to the patient and the physician to decide which method of treatment is best, please contact your nearest doctor for further information. :)

If you feel like ordering it online, please consider of using our service as we provide both original and generic products at a low cost than your local pharmacy. You can email me directly to negotiate the price.

Cheers and wish you the best. :)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

09 Feb 22 - Man married a dog

I dont have any details, but this happened a few years ago in India.

Any idea?

Monday, February 16, 2009

09 Feb 16 - Valentine

A little gift from somewhere along with a few chocolates.

This one's a specially from Phloy for me.

On the day of the Valentine, Youya told me of the meaning of the different rose colors.

It's a bit different from the one I rad on another website, such as Blue Rose, which means of mysteriously in love, Yellow Rose, representing a Smart Love, White Rose resembling an innocent love and Red which represents Passion.

My favorite Rose color would go for Black, in which is said to resembles "Love till death" or "Eternal Love."
Somehow, the meaning of black rose sent a chill to my spine, how nice.

Love are like roses,
Most be beautiful when they blooms,
But inevitably wither in time,
Which thrust deeper than knife.


Saturday, February 14, 2009

09 Feb 14 - Valentine's Day

14th Feb is also called as the Virgin's Day, since most girls give their virginity up on this day. For those who knows what they're doing, it's totally alright, but for the other half, who ends up getting pregnant at the age of 13 or 14, should think thrice before committing and giving into boy's lust, it does nothing good to give in at such an early age.

I'm posting this in a hurry because I'm going out :)

Happy Valentine's Day all guys and girls, I hope you enjoys your day!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

09 Feb 12 - 億千万 , 110 Million, 110,000,000

A friend sent me the URL, and told me to watch it.
Since I'm in a working age already, it's almost impossible not to reminisce back.

My Memories are 110 Million Music Video - Female Vocalist

My Memories are 110 Million Music Video - Pure fan version

Now I just look back to those time,
It's a faded memory,
And living each day as if being chased by something.

Even if I look back to the past,
Where are those guys now,
What are they doing?
The answer is still unclear.

Memories that we've forgotten as we grew up,
Revive vividly,
But now I've forgotten it,
And living each day as if being chased by something.

Now I look back to those times,
Laughing innocently,
Unaware of unpure things,
The seasons that have passed were dramatic.

How do you feel?

Monday, February 9, 2009

09 Feb 09 - Not a Lesbian party


I'm not in the US, but can our readers from the United States tells me whether this is true?

Orion Telescopes tells us that the US Flag on the moon are made in China..


(I hate to rip off my private life here, so enjoy while I do.)

To celebrate the clearance of the ทพ. 1 (Tor Phor 1) in use for the commercial registration of the Oriental Pharma.
For a few times, it's either Kiss Channel or Ice Bar together with the old group.

Though most of the time for those who knows better, I'd be at สุธีร์คอร์ท (Suthi Court, Hat Yai) for some drinks. (minus liquors)

I dont drink and that doesnt upset me at all!!

If my face isnt red, proves that you can enjoy even without drinking any alcohols.

It's not a normal party when all of the participants are freshmen Bachelor Geeks from the medical areas.

It wouldnt be a very special night if Emmy and Nat doesnt perform a 'special event.'

Some of us were able to take the special shot.
Drunk or not, they do remember what happened.

Care to switch place? Better dont start hoping, they're taken.

It'll take quite a while again before I'll go clubbing again, getting back home early at 11.30pm wasnt all that fun, but just witnessing the kissing is enough to make my day.

Back to work at 7am tomorrow as usual, cant wait till everything is set!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

09 Feb 06 - Lunar New Year Celebration

MSN writer wrote this up, and I agrees with some of it, such as how much time Facebook takes on your everyday life.

Why I'm quitting Facebook!
--- On Facebook's fifth anniversary, a not-so-fond farewell.
By Steve Tuttle


Tradition calls, for a dinner every year at the day of the Chinese New Year with all of the pharmacy's boss and colleagues.

It's the same Lee Garden that we visited every year, this is my 3rd year.

Was a peaceful dinner, might be the last year, but this dinner wont be the last of it :) Enjoy Lunar New Year guys.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

09 Feb 02 - Chinese New Year in Hat Yai

Yes, every year, the main celebration area would be in the Lee Garden.
It's quite the same every year, except with a little new things every now and then.

Even with the economy meltdown, Hat Yai was still flooded with tourists from various part of the world.

Talk about foods.. The area is crowded and full of foods. As usual, Lynn will head straight to the stall and orders a few stuff before we continue the journey.

Haha, one thing is nice, is to have your friend's picture being taken by random people.
I sense the nervous smile though. Haha.

There are a lot other pictures of which I cant post due to privacy, but I do hope you all enjoy the sight of Hat Yai during the Chinese New Year.