Monday, April 28, 2008

08 April 28 - GUILTY

And so several days ago, we were off for a dinner to celebrate my 'birthday.'
Was rare for me to be willing to go out for a proper dinner, so I picked this place..

For some who arent familiar with the designs, those are Pizza Hut's design.

What else would you be ordering in a Pizza Hut other than Pizzas ?
It was quite an entertaining dinner, considering I havent been Pizza-ing properly for quite sometime.

The only downside was, there was some concert nearby, and he wasnt really good with his voice either...

And so, when I reached home, I noticed a parcel on my desk.

I was like "Erm? I thought everyone from Japan had already sent me something", and upon further investigation, it came from the NeoWing Corps (CD Japan).
So, aha! This is the last present I was expecting this year.

Slowly, I unwrapped the parcel, and took out what's in it.

To my surprise! It's Ayumi's GUILTY!
There was a letter in it, and it was later revealed that Yuki was the one who ordered this for me. There was a very cute birthday wishes from her as well.

Very, very much appreciated, I've been listening to some of Ayumi's single, but I've yet to be able to get her album, and this pretty much made my day!

Thanks Yuki for sending this fabulous gift!
=P Let's see what I can get you for your birthday.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

08 April 25 - A pre and post dinner for Songkran

Just a quick entry.

And so, before and after the Songkran festival, there was a dinner celebration for us to attend.
It was a request from the superior, so obviously, there's no way you could refuse it when the whole family asked you to spare some of your time for the dinner.

This was another BBQ party, I had to take a leave early as it was the same day as my Mom's birthday.

I stayed for about an hour before heading back home to celebrate Mom's Birthday.

A day after the Songkran festival, there were another invitation from the superior.
This time, I'm supposed to head with him to the Lee Garden's 33th Floor for a Sky Buffet.
It was said that the dinner was a surprise for me, for helping them with their work during the festival, such as overtiming till 9.30pm, and tripling my effort, and so on..

On the way up, there were 3-4 group of tourists who came from several other countries, and they were all squeezing themselves for a table.
A pretty organized area..

The view's excellent, as you were dining in the tallest building in Hat Yai.

The flow of time does not wait for anyone, and soon enough you found that an hour had passed.

And you can spot Hat Yai's night view in there, with all the lights and cars around.

And so the dinner was done at around 8.30pm.
There were schedule for another dinner at the area this month, but I'm not sure what happened to it. Furthermore, I dont think I can make it to the dinner as I've had my hands full with important projects.

For those of you who came to Hat Yai, it's recommended for you to check out Lee Garden, a 4 star hotel in Hat Yai which is only second to Novotel, the best 5 star hotel in Hat Yai. (Novotel is just opposite Lee Garden)


Monday, April 21, 2008

08 April 21 - Songkran Night Festival!

12th April was the Birthday of someone very dear to me.
It's a shame that I'm incapable to celebrate it with her in UK this year.


And so, the day after the previous entry.

Again, I had to be on duty for 5 more hours without rest.
By the time we were dismissed, it was around 8pm.

Funny thing is, a customer had called for an order and as I was the only available officer in the pharmacy (The other guy took a 'forced leave', the "I'll-go-on-holiday-even-if-you-dont-want-me-to." type)
I dont blame him at all, it's a National Holiday after all, every employees are supposed to be granted with a day or two of holidays.

So what now?
We've an order from a customer who was ordering several crate of Prickly Heats and Siang Pure Oils.
From an employee's view, I'd like to just ignore it and let the taw keh sent it themselves.
From the employer's view, they'd like to take you out for a ride to help them lift those creates.

I decided to help them even though it was around 8.10pm.

It passed dinner time yet I havent had my dinner yet. Luckily, I tend to omit dinner, but it didnt help much as I was really tired with a 15 hours grind.

So what now?
Upon hoping that the I could enjoy a midnight Songkran party with some friends, we're stuck in a heavy traffic jam.

Seriously, it was about 20 minutes before we could move an inch, just to be stopped again.
Though, here's were I could take some pictures of....

People splashing water at you, even when you're sitting innocently in a car.

And so, after about an hour, and after unloading the items, I was able to collect some photos while the taw keh was busy with the customer.

I was currently at the center of the Hat Yai, where most the tourists resides.
Obviously, everyone would want to have fun.

("Phew, I'm tired.")

(Sudden power-up upon noticing their not-yet wet prey.)

So the question now is, what happens when you're standing in the area where they were Water War-ring?

You obviously get wet.

Not once, but twice...

Time was short, and since it was quite late and I was already wet, I requested Boss to send me back home.

(Everywhere I go, I see only Malaysian cars everywhere.)

We reached home in no time and it was 9pm something..
What else?
I decided to cancel every meeting with every friends and members and calls it a night.

I dont think I'm willing to drag myself on another 16 hours struggle next year.

I really dont know what to say, I really need space from work.

Friday, April 18, 2008

08 Apr 18 - Songkran's Day


Would someone be kind enough to take me to Namie's Funky Town?


Once every year, the Kingdom will turn into a battlefield, where you are allowed to carry guns, rifles and even those big ultra-pumped guns around.

This happened in the 13th April, which falls exactly on Thailand's Songkran Festival.
Or what we easily called "The Water Festival."

The area of my work place was hell crowded..
It's as if the people were afraid that there's nothing left for them to buy, and all of them rushed into the plaza as fast as they could to get what they wanted.

Putting work aside, there are some interesting sights nearby..

Such as :

For some who arent sure if these are as normal as it could.

Almost every group I see, would possess this so called "Hydro Gun" which, obviously is made in China, and could shoot pretty well if they're pumped right.

Let it be Teens:

Pregnant women:

Or even the old:

Last year, there were no such thing as Water Booster Backpack, apparently, this year, they improved the Water War Technology, and enables you to possess more water without having to refill every now and then.

Now, there was once where I was complaining to some people about having to stand for 6 hours without being able to stop, rest or even drink any water as the wave of customers attacked us non-stop.
It was a total hell.

Luckily, Boss decided to let us destress and ordered:

Of course, he decided to give us some light treat for the hard work we had done for him.
Cant really ask for more...

The next entry will cover some of the amazing Songkran's Night Life in Hat Yai.
Stay tuned!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

08 April 12 - Camu Camu Lemon

While in Sia's cbox,

I was told that "Shen" means "God" in Chinese..

Now I dont feel like calling you by your Chinese name ever.


Continuing the gift related from my previous post.

Another gift that I received several weeks ago was this so called かむかむレモン (Camu Camu Lemon)

It was a gift from Kact who came back from his trip in Itabashi.
Apparently, he's going to continue his studies in the 日本大学 (Nihon Daigaku) , the every student's dream. The University is definitely the largest, and the most successful University in Japan.

You can see the way these guys are studying :
Research Institute
Medical Academy
Commerce (He should be in here)

Heck, just look at the size of the site. It neatly divides themselves into their categories for an easy access.

It's totally different from what my former school did! (Click me!)

What else can I ask for if I can enter the division?
Though, I dont plan to exchange my time for money, I'd be more interested if I can hit a 100% accuracy by studying in there.

And yes, by '100%', I was talking about this.

Enough about someone's prosperity and back to mine.

The Camu Camu Lemon apparently is packed in a 60 caps bottle.
There are several flavors around, all containing the same ingredients such as Energy, Sugars, Calcium and Vitamin C!!
Yes, each capsule contains Vitamin C (200mg) and they taste exactly like lemon sweets.

Definitely is something I'd bring around even at work.

You can get further info for their product at Camu Camu Lemon.

First Bird Nest from Shen, followed with dietary supplement from Kact, there's nothing else I need for my birthday. :)

Thanks to both of you!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

08 Apr 10 - Gift?

Been quite busy.
I had a plan of what to do in the upcoming Songkran festival.

However, something unpleasant goes on and I've to cancel the plan.
I dont want to get further in detail of it though.

Anyways, even though I've been exchanging my time and skill for money, apparently some people can still have some steady cash flow even though they're not working. (Not trying to sound jealous lol)

Back to the point, I'm one who rarely sends gift to people, but several months ago, I bought these for my sisters.

Of course, it had to go all the way to America, but again. They last told me that the gift arrived safely.

Now talk about something that I got recently..
There were 2 items from 2 different persons. (You know who I'm talking about.)
The latter would be something I'd post on its own.

This one.. is something rare, that got me wondering how long it'll take me before I decided to do something about it.

Yes, they're raw bird nests.. They're quite expensive, and since it's given in quite a big bag, I'm sure it worth tons.
However, there's more to just the market price. The value is priceless as it's a gift from my friend.

You know who you are, thank you 'Young Bird-Nest Taw-Keh.'

Saturday, April 5, 2008

08 Apr 5 - Happy Birthday MoM!!

This is a special entry dedicated to my Mom.
I wont reveal when it is, but it has passed..


Sorry though, no pic mainly because I forgot. (We took it on her camera, which a film camera)
I'm trying my best to be a good son.

I wish you good health and be well always. (And maybe for me to be calmer)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

08 April 02 - Sending help or needing help?

Last month, there were an appointment made by the 'boss' and the Biopharm. (A drug manufacturer and distributor.)

And so, the plan was, the Biopharm will dispatch their so called 'professional sales' team, and all we have to do is make a mass order of one of their Calcium product. The team will bring their high-technology machine from Bangkok to check the bone's quality from the wrist. If you appear to be on a bad bone condition, they will advise you to take a better care of your bone.

Thing is, this is not the first time for the company to give such offer, and last time, things actually went, half-well.

On the day the ladies arrived, the company did not offer any 'advertising' help.
According to the deal, the representatives of Biopharm will personally distribute the flier. The team arrived at 8am, but there were no sight of the representatives.

What else? The ladies were in idle, for nearly the whole morning session as no one knew about their presence to offer free Bone checking service.

After quite a while, the boss suddenly gave us an unexpected task.

I was like, "Whatta frog...?"
Having no choice, we did what we're ordered.

Time passed by, and to my surprise, our charm spreads like the wind, the news eventually went around the area, and within minutes, the pharmacy was swarmed by customers.

I wasnt glad of what I heard in the first place, but once you really got into it, the task became quite interesting, and things went pretty well.

Been busy as Songkran is coming soon, we've an idea of doing something special on the day, and I dont wanna mess it up. Let's see how things will turn out.