Thursday, February 28, 2008

08 Feb 28 - Thaksin Stepped Foot in His Homeland

I live in Southern Thailand, the Land famous to be under the rule of the opposition party, Democrat; well known to oppose the previous and the current government.

The current government, has always been known to be a puppet under Thaksin Shinawatra's control, and has received numerous of election charges from the Democrat.

2 Years ago, while Thaksin was on a meeting in the United States of America, Sonthik Boonyaratkarin had led the army to commit a coup d'etat to overthrow the Thai Rak Thai and sent Thaksin in exile.

Now back to the special event today.

After 17 months of exile, Thaksin finally came back to Thailand.
The worst thing that came to my mind is, the timing of his return.

I would like to stay un-biased for a moment, and share the moment of his return.

First, when you really love your homeland, the first thing you'll do is 'kiss your homeland.'
And if you are sincere about it, you'll do it right after you set foot on your homeland, not when the press are there.

Obviously, Thaksin isnt an idiot, and he knows how to plan, so he demonstrated his love for his homeland, by bowing to the homeland in front of the press.

Brilliant move, Ex-PM!

This picture was the 'best picture of the day' and possibly, will last for several days.
We'll see how he will face his charges for corruptions now.

According to what I've heard, he started taking action disposing all who opossed him.

I held no personal grudge against him, nor do I have anything against him. I wouldnt want to say much, as some people will take my words personally.

Enough talk about the Ex-Prime Minister.

Now what with the current government backing Thaksin up, what will the Anti-Thaksin Coalition do?

The current government, led by Samak Shundoraweet.

Obviously, Thaksin isnt gonna let these people go, especially this guy.

Sondhi Limthongkul, one of the People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD)'s leader.

He was one of the people who supported Thaksin during Thaksin's era, but he soon goes bankrupt and requested Thaksin to help him to maintain his business.
Thaksin refused, and he was angered by that, thus led him to led the PAD to destroy Thaksin.

He faced a major charge for illegal use of the King's Seal for personal gain.

One of a PAD mover, bearing the logo "We would fight for the King!"

So now, Thaksin would have to face against 3 opponents, the PAD, the opposition party and the military junta.

And it's a wonder how the current Prime Minister, who is supposed to be a puppet, would act now.

All and all, any problem in the politic would lead to a gain/loss for the citizens.

May God Bless Thailand and restore peace for the country.

Monday, February 25, 2008

08 Feb 25 - Recovered

Just a short entry.

I've finally recovered and will be back to the internet.

Finally was able to create a 'timetable' to do everything that I've to do, come to think of it, 6 hours to do whatever I want per day is quite a lot, if I didnt get addicted with anything.

Thanks for all support :)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

08 Feb 21 - Sinusitic?

My nose has been a pain for several days, and then my eye started to hurt.
This morning, my nose and eye swells.

So after much diagnosis, it's assumed that I suffers from Sinus.
My nose and eye does hurt and I really felt like going for the doctor right away.

Funny, 72 hours after the first symptom, I headed to the doctor only to be told that it was a normal infection, and all I need to do is wait for the swell on my eye to dry up or something.

Ah... I wonder. I hope it's just a normal infection.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

08 Feb 17 - Chinese New Year (Final)

Even though Chinese New Year starts from the 7th, it doesnt mean that the celebration would end that fast in Had Yai.

The celebration goes all the way from 7th until the 16th here.

Here are some picture of the celebration in the Central area.

As usual, the celebration is held around the famous hotel of Lee Garden.

Also famous for the makan-makan business.

Randomly taking photograph.

It's waging it's tail happily, I wonder...

Upon searching why it happily wages its tail, I spot this..

Forgetting the dog business, I toured around and there are place for you to spread your love for the King. There's a yellow cloth below for the citizens and tourists to write their wishes down.

Here's several photo of what's going on in the area:

Fruit Cocktail anyone?

Or you prefer the simpler "Char Kueh Tiaw"?

Even satay and BBQs.

And finally, isnt it nice to finish your dinner with some sweet snack?

Of course, not only food are served in the celebration area, but there's also several gift shops including :

We know Valentine was just over, but wouldnt you still like to spread the love?

Or would you prefer some nice collection of a handmade products?

Last but not least, many, came here primarily to pray, thus, the government decided to place an altar right in the middle of the area.

The celebration are held in 2 areas in Had Yai, in the heart of the city and in the 'Chinese Area'.
According to what I recall, the celebration is much, much larger if you went to the 'Chinese Area' where the Sieng Teng Temple is located.

There's 'walking on fire' and the like being held in there.

But since the events usually is held at around 8pm, it's unfortunate that I wouldnt be able to participate as work wouldnt allow me to sleep late.

I hope you enjoyed your celebrations, Happy Valentine!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

08 Feb 13 - Chicken for Chinese New Year anyone?

Talk about Chinese New Years, there'll be lots and lots of Oranges.

You'll be receiving or giving it for present, but my boss receives something that I never thought one would gave him.

After the plastic bag was placed. something came up..

"Where am I?"

"Help me!!"

I pity the poor thing, but what can I do?
Soon the poor thing was nicely packed in a box, complete with a 'window' for it to breathe.
The chicken was scheduled to be taken back home and slaughtered to be their dinner.

"Can somebody hear me?!"

Luckily, good news said that my boss wasnt in the mood to do those as it's too much hassle, thus the chicken was given to another co-worker for him to release it in an open environment.

It should be safe and sound, I suppose.

Talk about you, what did you get for your Chinese New Year?

Friday, February 8, 2008

08 Feb 08 - Chinese New Year BBQ Party

My boss decided to stop working for a day and do something different this year, such as, a Home BBQ Party.
After 2 weeks of preparations, the plans are set.
Of course, it'll not be only a party within the working colleagues but my boss shall also invite his relatives to the party.

And so it was 7th Feb, after rendezvouzing, we head straight to the 'party' area.

It was about an hour or 2 before we started setting up the BBQ, preparing to grill the foods.

My boss who's grilling the BBQ.

Still in the process of sharpening our grilling skill.

Well talk about food, while waiting for the preparations to be completed, I was able to tour around my boss's 'new' house.

Here are some interesting views from different angles of the compound.

Enough of Garden views. Here is what really made me feel that this place is similar to a perfection resort of some sort.

The 2 buildings were seperated from each other by a 'river' like pond, and a wooden bridge was established in order for the people to pass. Though, what sends chill to my spine is the depth of the pond. I suppose, it can drown almost anyone if you're drunk.

The stone like thing is obviously a waterfall device. (There's a valve or the like somewhere in the area, which is hidden underneath the woods that you stepped, unless you have a good observation skill, it's almost impossible to notice the secret hole.)

Having seen these secret made me feel like being in a secret hide out.

There's a full HD TV to relax your mind, complete with the surround speakers to maximize your movie experience. We were watching "I Am Legend" before the guest arrived.. I should watch it once I had the time to.

I arrived around 10am, and it wasnt before 1pm before most of the boss's relatives arrived.
Plenty of time to take a pic of boss's son.

Obviously, he was confused, but it does remind me of the "Tu Lan" expression Sia had taken sometimes ago.

So talk about party.
How can there be a party when there's no people?

At around 2pm, all the chairs are set, the foods are ready, the beverage are complete!

I did sneak out of the party and isolate myself to take a nap, but it wasnt a successful attempt.
I thought I wanted an early rest at home, but it wasnt lesser than 5pm before I went back home.

So, look at the pic my boss took. :D Think we can open a BBQ Business now?

Happy Chinese New Year and wish you a prosperous years ahead!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

08 Feb 3 - How to install an Air Con.


Ever think about the different path you'll need to take in life?

Do I really want to sacrifice my time for more studies?
Furthermore, it's something that I half heartedly wants, I just need the license and part of the
knowledge, not all.

What should I do now? Pursue for something that I need orwhat?


I've seen how the technicians installs the air conditioners, but this one is definitely one that is considered "rare."

The pics generally said it all.

From the 4th floor.
I guess people from all over the world do weird things, not only us Asians.