Sunday, June 24, 2007

Calming the Mind

Have you ever stress yourself at the rate of your income ?

Your income might be higher if you could reduce your spendings. You can of course, spend more time working to get overtime pay although that doesnt work for me because there's nothing to overtime xD We all want happiness, but true happiness comes from the heart.

Have you ever wonder how your future will be ?

When I told him of what I want for my future and how I already planned them, he laughed and told me that the "Present" is more important than the future. There's no need to plan and stress on the future. Just do your best on what lies in front of you now.

Have you ever regretted for not doing this or that ?

Regret are nothing that brings hope down. If you regretted that you didnt do what you wanted in the past, then do it now, nothing is ever late. Who knows, you might even get an outstading result.
Even if you regretted for not doing that in the past but you did it now, you will never regret for not doing what you wanted to do anymore in the future.

Have you ever hated others due to what their relative did to you ?

Whenever you hate someone, it's because you dont understand each other. If you think for their side, everything might be clear. It's unhealthy to instantly dislike others because of how the people they know treated you. Everyone is different, unique in the inside, whenever you frown, negativity will flow all the time, so quickly switch yourself to a smile and you will start judging them newly.

Have you ever disgusted others because of how troublesome they are ?

We all want the best for ourselves, there's nothing wrong with choosing things over and over until they are satisfied, hardly anyone knows that we're troublesome when we're choosing something for ourselves.

There's a reason behind everything.
If you calmed down, and think for their sake, everything would be clear.

For instance, if someone passed by with an angry expression on their face, you can always assume that something bad had happened to them.

I've been stressing myself on these topics ever since several months ago and it's really, really, annoying and got me out of the mood nearly everyday.

Stingy customers who keeps bargaining, annoying customers who keeps choosing this and that repeatedly, and to be honest, I wasnt really satisfied with the ammount of my salary.
But after an hour of conversation with a psychology teacher who also attended my music class, I felt totally different.
Mr. Charen really have my respect for his way of thinking and his positive thoughts all the time.

Now, there's something that I would advise everyone to do.

Please have a seat at anywhere quiet, without any interruption.
Close your eyes, and think of the people whom you're been mad at today.

Why did you get mad at them ? What did they did to you ?
Try remembering their expression and remembering how you treated them as well.

If you recieved the kind of treatment you did to them, how will you respond ?

I'm not too good at expressing these, but it would be good to have a talk with people who's stressed and having trouble controlling their emotions. We usually can point out the small mistake others did but we could hardly point out even the biggest mistake we did.
Try to discuss your problem with the people around you, it'll make you feel better just to express.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

"We Live in Singapure"

Off-Talk :
Ever since Goverment banned, Thailand users cannot visit the site anymore.
I visited the dA site instead of watching it in the

A friend sent this to me and it was very very interesting and funny xD

Nuff words.

Credits goes to this guy :

Sunday, June 3, 2007

How To Travel To Had Yai

Yesterday night, I heard that the mob has subsided after an hour of negotiations with the mayor. The news did said that the "Global Islamic Student" organization (which consist of Islamic Students, and has around 2,000 members) had mobbed a Yala Mosque.

Their request was :
- All Military Units must pull out from the area.

- Investigation must be made for all cases about Soldiers who raped a Muslim localist and kill her, Soldiers who raped a Muslim localist until she's pregnant (The woman was abnormal according to the news though), and Soldiers who shot Muslims.

What I heard from the news was terrorist who disguised as Soldiers were the one who did all of those above, but the localist refuses to believe those.

The mob consist of men, women and kids. Women and kids were set as the vanguard, or the human barricade, while men were sitting behind and they seems to be giving orders.

There was several cases that Female Privates found that some of those women were actually "men" in disguise, but the capture attempt was a failure due to obvious reasons, localist.

Another source said that the localist are paid 150 baht per day to do the mobbing.

(Roughly 4 USD or RM 15 or 7 Singapore Dollar. )

I wish someone would shout at them and said, "You cant even take care of you city, you localist are dying 1 by 1 everyday, you cant live in peace, and you WERE the one requesting for help."

The red Huge "X" indicates area that had human barricade mob and outsiders (People who arent localist) cant enter the area.

Anyways, travelers from Malaysia or Singapore MUST enter Thailand from Sadao - Padang Besar Border if you wish to travel to Had Yai. The other road, is totally, blocked off by the barricade and you can only enter the city, which is totally in Chaos, so I dont suggest travellers to try to travel to Had Yai from the area.
All I can say is, Had Yai is still quite fine now, and there's heavy securities, but not up to the point where you can see tanks around the city.

It's sad how a Thai cannot enter a to an area in their own country.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Thailand Citizen in the Thai-Malay border.

There was a mob made by Muslim Students ever since a week ago.

A Muslim woman was raped several days ago, and soldiers were rumored to have shot some Muslims in the area.

Now, now, what we, people of other region has been getting is that the people who raped and shot the Muslims and citizens of the areas are the terrorist who disguised themselves as the soldiers. I never understand why the citizens are mobbing here and there, over 2,000 people everyday.

Daily killing still going on, people cant live in peace, kids cant go to school because one by one, their school are being burn. Yet the people in the 3 States below still thing that everything that was done are the action of the soldiers ?

For God's sake, I dont really care if daily killing happens in somewhere far from here, but what is happening in there is directly affecting here. A week ago, there was just 7 spot bombs and it was confirmed to be terrorist's work, and the creator of the bomb has been arrested!

It really pisses me when the citizens starts mobbing and forces the soldiers to pull out their forces out of the states. Do you citizens really think that the soldiers wanna be there so much ?
They miss their home, they miss their food, they miss their people, they miss their families.

How I wish people would start using their brains and know who their real enemies are, 3 years ago, everything was peaceful.

Maybe I need to start to really consider to immigrate.